Mālama Aromas invites you to a fragrant journey within your own space, all while making a sustainable choice. Our candles are poured into repurposed glass bottles, blending luxury with responsibility.

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Malama sips - glasses made from upcycled glass with refreshing drinks inside


With Mālama Sips, every drink becomes an occasion to celebrate both elegance and sustainability. Our glassware, crafted from upcycled glass, turns each sip into a statement of eco-conscious living.

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Showcase your floral creations in our elegant vase, crafted from upcycled wine glass bottles. Our Mālama Bloom collection combines timeless beauty with sustainable elegance, making each piece a unique statement in both design and environmental responsibility.

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The Essence of Mālama

Born from the Hawaiian spirit of 'caring for the Earth,' Mālama is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Our mission is to blend style and sustainability, offering you unparalleled quality while leaving the smallest footprint possible.