Mālama - Where the legacy of the past meets the promise of the future

At Mālama, our name holds the essence of two profound concepts: the Greek origin of "Mālama," which translates to "gold," and the Hawaiian concept of "Mālama," signifying care, preservation, and protection. These two influences converge to define the purpose and passion behind our brand.

Grandmother named Malama

The Gold of Mālama

In the Greek tradition, "Mālama" is synonymous with gold, symbolizing purity, value, and beauty. It is a tribute to the legacy of our founder's great-great-grandmother, whose name was Malama. Like gold, we cherish the treasures of the past and believe in their enduring value. We embrace the art of transformation, turning discarded materials into golden opportunities to create unique, sustainable home goods and decor.


The Spirit of Mālama

In the Hawaiian culture, "Mālama" means to take care of, to care for, attend to, preserve, and protect. This concept is the heartbeat of our brand. We are committed to caring for our environment and protecting our planet through sustainable practices. It's our way of giving back, nurturing the world that provides us with inspiration and resources.

a cut in half beer bottle on a wood showing the reflection of the glass

Our Purpose

Our purpose is twofold: to elevate the discarded into the cherished and to ensure that every piece we create embodies the spirit of Mālama. We take materials that may have lost their luster and transform them into unique, stylish, and sustainable home goods and decorations. This process not only breathes new life into these materials but also reduces waste and lessens our environmental impact.

Rearanging a beautiful flower bouquet in a vase made from upcycled wine bottle

Local Artisans, Global Impact

We collaborate with local artisans who share our commitment to sustainability. By choosing Mālama, you support not only our brand but also the artisans and communities we work with. Together, we create a global impact that aligns with the values of caring, preserving, and protecting.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to join our journey, one that unites the elegance of gold with the essence of Mālama. Choose our products to adorn your home with style and purpose. Together, we can care for our homes and care for our planet, just as our name suggests.