What is Mālama's Core Philosophy?

At Mālama, our core philosophy revolves around the Hawaiian concept of "Mālama," which means to care for and protect. We are committed to creating stylish, high-quality home goods and decorations while emphasizing sustainable practices and community engagement.

Where Are Mālama's Products Made?

All Mālama products are proudly crafted in Bulgaria. We work closely with local shops and restaurants who share our commitment to upcycling and sustainability.

What Materials Do You Use in Your Products?

We primarily use upcycled and repurposed materials, such as glass bottles, to create our unique home goods. Our focus is on minimizing waste and maximizing style and functionality.

How Do You Ensure Product Quality?

Quality is at the heart of Mālama's brand values. Each product is hand crafted. The glass undergoes a stringent quality control process, ensuring that it meets our safety standards, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

How Does Mālama Contribute to Sustainability?

Beyond our use of upcycled materials, Mālama enhances its eco-friendly mission by ensuring zero waste from glass production. In addition, we are actively involved in local initiatives centered on sustainable practices.

Are Your Products Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely! We are committed to eco-friendly practices throughout our production process, from material sourcing to packaging. When you purchase a Malama product, you're making an eco-conscious choice.

Do You Have a Physical Store?

Currently, Mālama operates primarily online, but we have plans to feature our products in select stores in Bulgaria in the near future.