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Rose & Geranium

Rose & Geranium

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Revel in the harmonious symphony of our "Rose and Geranium" scented candle. This exceptional fusion combines the romantic nuances of rose with the uplifting notes of geranium, creating a fragrance that evokes the sensations of a blooming spring garden.

Ignite this candle to infuse your home with a balanced blend of floral elegance and rejuvenating energy. Perfect for both festive gatherings and romantic moments, the "Rose and Geranium" scent promises an experience you'll cherish.

Product features

  • Poured in upcycled beer bottle, hand-cut, sanded and polished
  • 100% soy wax
  • Natural fragrance oils, parabens-free, no allergens, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Non toxic cotton wick for clean burn
  • Sustainable natural cork topper

Product Specifications

100 grams
Dimensions: H 5 cm, Diameter 5 cm
+20h burn time
200 grams
Dimensions: H 10 cm with cork topper, Diameter 6 cm
+30h burn time


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